Over the last decade, Invisalign has become the preferred method of treatment for straighter teeth in adults. Unlike traditional wire and bracket braces, Invisalign uses clear trays to move and shift your smile into its correct position. This option is much more comfortable and less noticeable, making them a hot-button topic for adults. Furthermore, Invisalign’s software – ClinCheck – maps out your entire treatment process, and what your end smile will look like. Not only does this limit all the guesswork, but it also gives you a customized treatment plan. David C. Wood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry uses Invisalign to help patients rekindle their love for their smile. Here are five of the most common dental problems our treatment can correct.

Top 5 Dental Problems Invisalign Can Fix

1. Overbite

An overbite, also known as “buck teeth,” is when the top front teeth overlap the lower front teeth. A slight overbite is okay and normal, but a significant overbite can lead to other dental issues like jaw pain and teeth grinding. Additionally, a severe overbite can lead to premature gum disease and tooth decay, which will lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Thankfully, this is easily fixable with Invisalign. With a more comfortable bite, you can chew easier, speak more clearly, and enjoy all the selfies you want. 

2. Gap Teeth

Gaps in your teeth can happen anywhere, but they’re most common in the front two teeth. A gap in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can lead to other dental health complications. Because that gap allows for extra food, sugar, and bacteria to settle, gum disease and inflammation are common concerns with gap teeth. By fixing that gap and bringing your teeth together with Invisalign, you eliminate those unwanted pockets and can protect your gums from disease and decay. 

3. Underbite

People living with an underbite have the opposite problem as those living with an overbite. In this case, the lower teeth protrude out past the upper teeth, causing pain and difficulty speaking and eating. However, similar to an overbite, a severe underbite can cause premature tooth decay and can wear down the surfaces of your teeth faster than expected. In most cases, Invisalign can help correct an underbite, but more severe circumstances may require oral surgery and restorative care

4. Crossbite

When you have a crossbite, it means your lower and upper jaws do not line up with one another. In some cases, the upper teeth can sit inside the lower teeth. If left untreated, a crossbite can cause your teeth to wear down quickly and cause significant gum and tissues damage. This damage can lead to pain and discomfort, making it essential to correct this dental problem with Invisalign.

5. Crowded Teeth

Sometimes, there’s just not enough room in your mouth for all your adult teeth. When this happens, overcrowding occurs and can cause teeth to bunch together. Some will twist, some will protrude forward, and some will overlap. As you might imagine, crowded teeth can create many dental problems including jaw pain, difficulty chewing, and even severe cavities. An overcrowded mouth makes it extremely difficult to brush away bacteria and plaque. But, correcting your smile with Invisalign will help make brushing and flossing easier. 

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