Oral Surgery & Extractions

Based in Carmel, IN, David C. Wood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has been providing safe and reliable tooth extraction services since 2016. For your oral surgery needs, request an appointment by calling (317) 844-0592.

Implant Prep Carmel Indiana

Complete Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last of the adult teeth to erupt and often do not have enough room to emerge and develop normally. This can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as tooth pain, jaw pain, and tender gums. When these third molars become impacted, oral surgery is required to remove them. Our experienced office can remove your wisdom teeth, preventing any future problems with these hard-to-reach molars.

Full-Mouth Extractions & Same-Day Dentures

When disease and decay have compromised your teeth, sometimes a full-mouth extraction may be the only solution. Our practice thoroughly and gently performs these extractions with little to no pain. Dr. Wood then inserts a temporary appliance called a “healing denture,” giving you the confidence of a full-set of teeth until more permanent measures can be taken.


Who Needs Full-Mouth Teeth Extractions?

Patients who need a full-mouth extraction may be suffering from the following:

  • Rampant tooth decay
  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Several infected or diseased teeth

Gentle Implant Preparation

Dental implant preparation is an essential step in recovering from a simple tooth or full-mouth extraction. Once the tooth in question has been extracted, the area needs to be prepared for the new dental implant.

Implant Prep Carmel Indiana

Surgical preparation may include

  • Thorough cleaning of the area
  • Addition of replacement bones
  • Bone grafting – preparation of the jawbone for the new implant
  • Prevention of socket closure

Sedation Dentistry & Safe Oral Surgery

Dr. Wood and his team offer effective sedation dentistry using both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. This allows you to be completely relaxed and comfortable, while blocking any sensation of pain.


Sedation dentistry can be used for a wide range of oral surgery services

  • Simple and full-mouth tooth extractions
  • Root canal therapy
  • Periodontal gum surgery
  • Wisdom teeth removal

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When you need compassionate oral surgery or tooth extraction services, request an appointment by calling (317) 844-0592. We gladly offer a full range of dental services such as cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, restorative care, periodontal treatment, full mouth rehabilitation, dentures and partials, cleanings and exams, TMD & TMJ treatment, and sleep apnea treatment. Our dental practice is located in Carmel, and also serves patients from Fishers, Zionsville, and nearby communities.