If you have kids, then you know that they can be a handful – especially when it comes to dental care. Many parents don’t realize how important it is to start taking care of their child’s teeth early on. Dental problems are some of the most common issues kids face, and if they’re not treated properly, they can lead to more serious health issues down the road. Here at David C. Wood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we specialize in pediatric dentistry, helping parents (and kids) navigate the challenges associated with these five common dental issues.

The Most Common Dental Issues for Kids

1. Mouth Crowding

Mouth crowding is one of the most common dental issues kids face. This occurs when there’s not enough space in the mouth for all of the adult teeth to fit properly, and it can cause a number of problems. Crowding can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities, as well as other health issues. It can also be extremely painful for your child, and orthodontics work may be necessary as your child grows. Thankfully, mouth crowding is something we can predict with x-rays, which is why it’s crucial you keep up with your child’s routine dental care.

2. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is another common dental issue kids face. This occurs when the teeth are not cleaned properly, and plaque builds up, leading to bacteria. The bacteria eat away at the enamel on the teeth, causing tooth decay. Tooth decay can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other health problems. It’s important to clean your child’s teeth twice a day with a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste and to take them for regular dental checkups. If your child has tooth decay, we can provide treatment options to help get their teeth back to a healthy condition.

3. Gum Disease

Contrary to what many parents think, kids do face the same gum disease risks as adults. This occurs when the gums are not cleaned properly, and plaque builds up, leading to bacteria. The bacteria eat away at the gums and bones around the teeth, causing decay. Gum disease can lead to cavities, tooth loss, and other health problems, which are detrimental for younger kids who haven’t lost any of their baby teeth. Eventually, this bacteria can attack the adult teeth below the gumline. Therefore, it’s crucial you get your child’s gum disease under control.

4. Cavities

Cavities are extremely common for kids, as you can imagine if brushing teeth is a battle in your home. Unfortunately, the build-up of sugar, plaque, and other food particles can settle in the grooves of teeth and cause decay. The best way to prevent cavities is early detection, especially if the cavity is in an adult tooth. In some severe cases, baby teeth can be capped, which prevents the infection and decay from spreading below the gum line and into the jaw bone. If cavities are a major concern for you and your child, make sure you express your concerns with our office.

5. Trauma or Injury

Finally, traumatic dental injuries are another common dental problem kids face. This can occur when a child falls and hits his or her teeth or when he or she is in an accident and experiences a blow to the mouth. Traumatic dental injuries can cause chips, fractures, and even loss of teeth. If your child experiences a traumatic dental injury, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention. Do not attempt to fix the injury yourself as you could make it worse. Our office will provide you with instructions on how to take care of the injury until you can come in for an appointment.

Dental Care for the Whole Family

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