Proper oral health care starts when your child’s first tooth breaks through the surface. Yet, many parents don’t schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist until after their child’s second birthday. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists, children should have their first dental visit before their first birthday. At David C. Wood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we treat children of all ages, and are ready to take good care of your mini-me at any time. Here’s what you should expect during their first visit with us.

What to Expect During Your Child's First Dental Visit

Your Child’s First Visit with a Pediatric Dentist

Establishing a relationship with a pediatric dentist and staff is important for both you and your child. Baby teeth can begin appearing as early as six months of age, and it’s likely that your infant is already curious about your toothbrush. Scheduling them a dental appointment is a great way to introduce the practice of proper dental care before they reach the one year mark. 

During their first appointment you should expect some uneasiness from your child, but an excellent dental staff will make them feel comfortable. Their first experience should be fun and engaging with the hope of accomplishing three things:

  1. Get your child familiar with the staff and the office in a non-invasive or threatening way. This will allow them to take their time warming up to the idea of a cleaning. 
  2. Educate you and your toddler on some of the lingo that pediatric dentists use to make the procedure less scary. Some dentists may even have fun nicknames for tools, referring to the probe as a tooth counter, the gauze as a tooth pillow, and the drill as a tooth sweeper. 
  3. The doctor will perform a quick exam, checking over your child’s gums, jaw, and bite. He or she will look for signs of tooth decay, frenum issues, bottle caries, and other dental issues that can affect speech. 

After the first visit, your child’s dentist will likely want to see them every six months. A new step will be added to each visit, easing your toddler into their own dental care routine. 

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