Dental issues can be a real pain in the gums, and sometimes simple procedures are not enough to solve the problem. From implants to root canals, there are various complicated dental procedures that we perform here at David C. Wood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to alleviate oral health issues. If you have ever been through one of these complicated procedures, or if you are about to undergo one, you must be wondering what makes the procedures so complex. Well, if that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into why these are the top 5 most complicated dental procedures.

Top 5 Most Complicated Dental Procedures1. Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular solution for people with missing or severely damaged teeth. The process involves drilling deep into the jawbone to insert a small titanium screw that acts as an artificial tooth root, providing a stable foundation for the replacement tooth. Dental implant procedures are complicated because our dental team needs to drill the titanium screw while avoiding any damage to the surrounding tissues and nerves. This also makes the procedure delicate and time-consuming.

2. Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment involves removing infected tissue from the pulp of a tooth. Then, after we’ve removed the infected tissue, we replace it with filling material. This procedure is necessary when the infection has penetrated deep into the tooth, causing pain and discomfort, especially when trying to eat. Root canal treatments are complicated because each tooth has a different anatomy, and a dentist must be skilled enough to navigate through the pulp without damaging the surrounding tissues.

3. Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth usually appear in the late teenage years or early twenties, and sometimes they need to be removed to avoid infection or overcrowding. The extraction is a complex surgical procedure because the teeth are deeply rooted, making the extraction process a difficult one. Our team works diligently to make patients comfortable before, during, and after a wisdom tooth extraction. This procedure is often complicated by “dry sockets,” which can occur days later. This usually happens after the blood clot that formed in the place of the tooth falls out, and there is nothing but exposed nerve and tissue.

4. Gum Lifts

Gum lifts are procedures performed to reshape the gum line to make the teeth appear longer, giving a more pleasing appearance. This procedure is complicated because we must be extremely careful not to remove too much gum tissue, which may lead to sensitivity and pain. Additionally, we have to ensure that the gums are symmetrical on both sides of the mouth. Thankfully, when you turn to us for your cosmetic dentistry, you’re working with one of the best teams in Central Indiana.

5. Maxillofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial surgery involves correcting skeletal problems in the face, jaws, and neck. This type of surgery is usually necessary when the patient has sustained serious injuries. It’s also necessary when there are functional or aesthetic problems with their jaws or faces. This procedure is complicated because it involves intricate work on the bones and soft tissues of the face. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s still something we’re prepared to handle here in the clinic.

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