Full-mouth rehabilitation is a process that can help restore the function and beauty of your smile. This process can involve many different treatments, such as braces, dental implants, and veneers, to name a few. By letting David C. Wood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry restore your smile, you’ll not only feel more confident, but you’ll also be able to chew and speak properly. So, let’s explore this process and what you should expect.

Full-Mouth Rehab: What to Expect

How the Process Begins

When you first decide to undergo full-mouth rehabilitation, the process begins with a discussion between you and our dental team. During this consultation, we will take x-rays, impressions, and photos of your upper and lower teeth. Once we have all that information and have evaluated your current dental state, we’ll determine the best course of action to restore your smile. We’ll also discuss your current dental habits, lifestyle, and any overall goals you have outside of a beautiful smile. If you have any concerns about a specific area in your mouth or the proposed treatment plan, the consultation is where we will answer and address all of those for you.

The Discussion of Your Options

After taking all of the information we’ve gathered, we’ll present a variety of different treatments and explain how each one can help improve your smile. We want you to be fully informed about your options so you can make the best decision for yourself. Some of the treatments we may recommend include braces, bridges, dental implants, or veneers. Each of these treatments has its own benefits and can help correct different problems with your smile. For example, braces are great for straightening teeth, while bridges and dental implants can replace missing teeth. Our team will work with you to find the best treatment plan for your needs and goals.

A Look at the Timeline and Surgical Procedures

Once you’ve decided on a treatment plan, we’ll create a timeline that outlines all of the steps involved in your full-mouth rehabilitation. This timeline will give you an idea of how long the entire process will take and when each step will be completed. You’ll also know what to expect during each phase of your rehabilitation. The final step in the process is surgery. This is where we’ll actually correct the problems with your teeth and restore your smile. Our surgical procedures are all done using the latest technology and techniques, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.


Following every phase of your rehab, there will be time for recovery. Allowing your teeth and gums time to heal before moving on to the next procedure ensures that the rehabilitation is progressing as it should. Giving your body and jaw time to heal also gives us time to make any necessary adjustments along the way. It’s also important that you follow our strict instructions for brushing, flossing, and chewing. Furthermore, some foods may need to be avoided during your rehab recovery, such as hard candies, popcorn, and chewing gum. Until you’re given the all-clear, it’s best you stick to the guidelines we give you.

We Customize Your Dental Rehab

Because no two people are alike, David C. Wood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry customizes every full-mouth rehabilitation to meet the individual needs of the patient. For years, residents throughout Carmel, Fishers, and Zionsville, IN, have trusted us with their dental care, and we hope you will, too! We also offer periodontal treatment, TMJ/TMD treatment, and sleep apnea treatment. To request an appointment, call our office at (317) 844-0592.