Everyone wants a bright and beautiful smile, but not everyone is born with such a blessing. However, there’s more to a great set of teeth than genetics. Most people rely on dental care to keep their teeth white, straight, and free of defects. Still, access to dental care isn’t easy for some, leaving many to put off their dental care for years or even decades, often resulting in full mouth rehabilitation. Thankfully, the team at David C. Wood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has what it takes to restore your smile, no matter the damage. Here are some of the key signs it’s time for an appointment in our office.

3 Signs You Need Full Mouth Rehabilitation

1. Your Teeth Are Worn

As we age, it’s normal for our teeth to get worn down. Years of chewing and drinking all of our favorite foods and beverages can lead to chips, cavities, cracks, and other dental damage. Still, other dental issues can cause your teeth to wear down, including grinding your teeth, not brushing or flossing daily, using your teeth to open packages, and constantly crunching on hard foods. When your teeth wear down, it can lead to a misaligned bite, an increase in cavities, and infections in the pulp of your teeth. These infections can lead to severe sensitivity and pain when you eat hot or cold foods. The bacteria can also travel into your bloodstream and jawbone, causing more pain, as well as health problems elsewhere. The misaligned bite can also lead to migraines and increase your risk of TMJ. All of these issues can result in a need for full mouth rehabilitation.

2. You Have Missing Teeth

You’d be surprised to know that millions of Americans are living with one or more missing teeth. People lose teeth for various reasons, including trauma, disease, or lack of proper dental care. Still, you don’t have to live with missing teeth, and you shouldn’t. The damage associated with losing a tooth can extend further than just the gum line, and the only way to know is to schedule a visit with your trusted dental team. Missing teeth can cause you to lose strength in your jawbone and cause your teeth to shift to fill in the gap. When you don’t have the tooth or teeth anymore, it can lead to difficulty eating and speaking. This is where full mouth restorative dental care can come into play. Not only can we replace your missing tooth or teeth with implants, but we can also fix your bite using dentures or other restorative techniques. 

3. You Have Severe Gum Disease

Advanced gum disease is on the rise for adults in the United States, yet most don’t even know they’re living with it. Gum disease can lead to bad breath, tooth loss, and other oral infections that can worsen without proper treatment. Gum disease can even be a sign of an underlying health condition that you may not be aware of. This is why regular visits to a dentist are important. Thankfully, there are some key signs to look for if you suspect you have gum disease. One of the most obvious is bleeding when flossing or brushing. Gums will also look red and inflamed if you’re living with gum disease. Full mouth rehabilitation includes periodontal treatment, which can restore your gums and make them healthy. Some of these treatments include scaling and root planing, or laser therapy. 

We’ll Restore Your Smile

There’s a lot that goes into full mouth rehabilitation. If you’re living with a smile you hate or haven’t kept up with your dental care like you should, call David C. Wood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. In addition to our full mouth rehabilitation, we also offer patients sleep apnea treatment, implant dentistry, and regular dental exams. We’re proud to serve residents throughout Carmel, Fishers, and Zionsville, IN. So, contact us today at (317) 844-0592